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Development & Acquisition of Gold and Silver Mines in Mexico

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With strong management,
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Southridge Minerals, Inc. is
poised for growth
in an emerging
gold and silver market.
Exploring the Possibilities
Southridge Minerals, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Southridge Enterprises Inc., is a U.S.-based mineral resource exploration company dedicated to acquiring and developing mineral resources in geologically permissible and politically stable areas of the world.

The Company seeks out on early state opportunities with good mineralization indicators that can carry plenty of blue-sky potential. Southridge progresses these projects that are or will be of interest to mid-size and major producers.

Southridge Minerals "Poised for Growth in an Emerging Gold and Silver Market"

By forming ventures on individual projects, the Company expects to grow and maintain an interest in Gold & Silver mines operated by its partners, allowing it to continue to build value through continued exploration. Southridge Minerals is currently focused on projects in Jalisco and Nayarit States of Mexico. The company is constantly working on finding new sales markets. Company's products have already been appreciated by Virginia coin estate agents and customers from all over the world.

What sets Southridge apart is its vast experience in Mexico, the geology conditions of formation of known large gold and silver deposits that up until now have received very little attention. This way it can focus geographically and on a couple of commodities to give its shareholder return on their investment in the most efficient way possible.

Being socially responsible company, does its best to reduce waste and pollution caused by its activity. We use environment friendly gold mining technologies and top notch catalytic converters from company to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Southridge Minerals Inc. - Mining in MexicoSouthridge Mining in Mexico

Political and financial stability, legal security for investors and its location next to the United States (one of the world’s top importers of resources) are all positive factors impacting Mexico's mining industry today.

Mexico's mining history spans almost 500 years and it still weighs amongst the world's largest metal producers. It represents a major mineral exploration ground, and although best known for its production of silver (with over 10 billion ounces produced to date) the country also mines significant quantities of copper, gold, lead and zinc.

As used in this website, the terms "we", "us", "our", "Southridge Minerals Inc. ", and "SRGE" mean Southridge Enterprises Inc., or one of our subsidiaries, Southridge Minerals Inc., or Southridge Mining Inc., unless the context clearly requires otherwise.

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